Atlassian Sydney Open House was an event for customers, business partners and the general public. For the event I created a light-hearted design that was used on a range of event collateral such as posters, postcards and t-shirts.


Atlassian 2007 was created for the annual Atlassian party where all staff receive a unique t-shirt to commemorate the event.


Atlassian Product Logo Concepts was a weekend project to conceptualise new logo designs for Atlassian products. Atlassian product logos have been created over time and do not represent of a suite of products.


Hiser Process Diagram illustrates the complete Hiser Methodology for user-centred design. The Hiser Methodology is an iterative process of user and business centred activities within three project phases.


Westfield Events Illustration was created for the annual Westfield Christmas Party and was used in an interactive storybook invite.

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