Telstra Connected Home was a marketing initiative to launch the Connected Home campaign. We worked closely with branding to develop an online experience where customers could build their own connected home by collecting activities (represented as Polaroid photos).


Telstra My Account is a massive project to redesign all of the Telstra online customer services and includes service usage, billing and personal account management. Illustrated is the design for the fourth release.


Atlassian JIRA Component Specification for a control that combined menu selection, multi-select and type ahead functionality. The component requirements were mapped on a wall with index cards and then translated into a clickable prototype.


Atlassian JIRA 4.1 redesigned the way people view and access information on the View Issue page. To achieve this an extensive wireframing process was used to drive a high fidelity prototype.


Atlassian JIRA 4.2 introduced keyboard shortcuts and dialogs to the product. Designs were created using a storyboard style specification that illustrated keystrokes and edit functions.


Atlassian JIRA Administration Map was created to help understand a complex system that had grown organically over a period of time. The Administration Map informed later work in the administration system.


Objective Widget Design illustrates design options for a Windows-based control used to build and save reusable sets of values. Designing on paper is lightweight and helpful when collaborating with other designers, developers or stakeholders.


Westfield Wishes Campaign System is a touch screen system used by Customer Service Representatives to enter and manage customer data. The system uses a hand held scanner on various artefacts to: log in; identify customers; and enter data.

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