Telstra My Account is a massive project to redesign all of the Telstra online customer services and includes service usage, billing and personal account management. Illustrated is the design for the fourth release.


Atlassian JIRA X was an experiment in visualising data for a software bug. The goal for this design exercise was to: provide a quick overview of available data; allow for manipulation of data through touch devices; and to improve the overall aesthetic.


Atlassian JIRA 4.1 saw the first comprehensive visual design exercise in the lifespan of the product. The project focussed on View Issue pages and involved a high level of stakeholder participation.


Atlassian JIRA 4.3 included a project to enhance customer experience in the Administration section of the product. Part of the project involved designing a landing page to help people visualise and track their administrative tasks.


Atlassian Agile Campaign Icons were created for online use and illustrate various aspects of the Agile development process at Atlassian.


Atlassian Confluence Editor Icons were created for a new version of the text editing tool. The visual design is based upon existing product icons.


Objective Workflow Icons were designed and illustrated for Workflow and Case View functionality in a document management product. The target product is Windows based so the visual design was influenced by Windows XP and Vista.


Westfield Shopping Centre Homepage is the visual design created for all Westfield Shopping Centre websites. The design was based on user-centred activities and featured the latest branding look and feel for Westfield.

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